Monday, April 12, 2010

on the future on the Jensen family

So after much prayer, fasting, anxious waiting, and an offer of thousands of dollars in scholarship money, Ricky and I have decided on Ave Maria School of Law!!!!

(feel free to cheer out loud during this parathentical interlude)

It's in Naples, Florida, which has the following: Gulf Coast, beautiful beaches, fancy boardwalks, MLB spring training, a 90-minute ferry ride from Key West, and year-round WARMTH!  (Did I mention it's 3-4 hours from Disney World?) Rough existence, I know.  We thought it couldn't get any better...and then we found out that Florida Gulf Coast University is a mere 45 minutes away, with online teaching licensure AND an English master's program!  I'll keep you posted on my educational endeavors--obviously, some doors are open, but I still don't know which one I'm going through.  The plan right now, though, is for me to start teaching certification classes in the fall. Huzzah!

There we have it.  The first big decision of our marriage is successfully made, and we've been very fortunate to recognize Heavenly Father's help through all of it!  We'll be staying in BV until August-ish time, then we'll pack up all of our not-very-many homethings and truck the 16 hours down to Naples.  In the meantime, we'll be making visits for apartment and job hunts...and maybe to chill with the g-parents down in Miami. 

The scariest part about moving to Florida is that I'll have to make friends as a MARRIED person.  All the friends I have now--even the other "couple friends" that Ricky and I have--are friends that I had way before I was ever married.  Hopefully the fact that I am hopelessly pale will indicate to well-bronzed Floridians that I am a brand-new gringa and am in need of friends...or maybe I'll have to resort to winning them over with my charm and curly hair (which, for the record, will be curly to the point of illegality in Florida humidity).  It's worth a shot, right?

In less exciting news, Ricky and I bought Catch Phrase, which everyone knows is the best and most convenient multiplayer game ever brought into existence.  (I see you nodding in agreement.) While we're on the subject, it's too bad I didn't know that Ricky didn't know who Norman Rockwell was before we got married, or it may have seriously affected my decision.  See what this game does to marriages?  On second thought, don't ever buy it.

In even LESS exciting news, we got an Egg Genie in the mail today as a belated wedding gift.  I'm not sure if we ever asked for said Genie, but I do appreciate a finely-cooked, non-fertilized poultry byproduct, so I'm pretty excited about it. 

Happy April!